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Why Stage Your Home for Sale

A neutral palette, with pared back personal objects makes it easier for a buyer see themselves in the property

Are you thinking of putting your home up for sale, or is your home already on the market? How long has it been listed? Chances are, especially in London, your home may have been on the portals for quite a while, and possibly even had a price reduction. This is not good news, but the better news is that I can help. Homes I've staged, have had final offers accepted 6-8 weeks after listing. And, there were multiple offers before the final one was accepted – usually close to the asking price. Not a reduction in sight.

How? Well, it’s quite simple. I get homes ‘For Sale’ ready – from the outside in.

We are currently in a buyer’s market. That doesn’t mean homes don’t sell, but that buyers have a choice, and they know it. With that kind of market, staging your home is not an option, but a necessity. With 95 percent of homes appearing on the same two to three internet portals, a home for sale needs to stand out.

Still not sure, well here are the statistics:

  • 77% of buyers found it easier to visualize a property as a future home: The more people who can visualize themselves living in the home, the greater the chance of a quick sale.

  • 40% were more willing to walk-through a home they had seen on line: Professionally taken pictures of staged homes increased the chances of potential buyers walking through your door, which maximized the chance of a sale.

What does Staging involve:

I call it the 3 D’s:

  • Declutter

  • Decorate

  • Depersonalize

You could try to do it all yourself, but my advice would be to get the professionals in to help. Whatever you pay will be a lot cheaper than that first price reduction the estate agent will inevitably suggest.

With home buyers becoming more savvy and sophisticated, they are looking for a home that not only is move-in ready, but triggers them emotionally. They want to imagine themselves living there. Which is why property developers spend money on their model or show homes, making them look gorgeous. Although basically a neutral palette, accessories, layout and lighting fixtures scream luxury. Home owners need to think the same way. Pare down all personal belongings (a few pictures in lovely frames strategically placed is fine), neutralize the home’s décor, and make sure every room’s function is what it was designed for.

Curb Appeal:

It's even more important to ensure that the outside of your home looks as lovely as the inside. Most potential buyers will do a drive-by before committing to see inside the property. My advice: paint and freshen up doors and window sills; make sure pathways are safe to walk on; get the gardener in to tidy up lawns and flower beds; ensure the roof and guttering are in good condition.

And staging is needed for whatever size home you are trying to sell - from a studio to a 6-bedroom family home - the principle is the same. It also applies to rentals and vacation homes.

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