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The Top 3 Upgrades To Make To Your Property Before You Sell

Whatever the market, you will probably have to make improvements and renovations to your home to stay competitive and receive the highest offer for your property. Home improvements can include refurbishing, remodelling, repairing or a renovation project. However, all improvements are not created equal. Some improvements add more value to your home than others. Here are my top improvement tips to prep your property for a faster sale and a higher sales price.

  1. Kitchen Renovations & Upgrades Prior to Selling Your Home: If you want to increase the value of your home through improvements, the best room to start is the kitchen. Appliances are very important to most home buyers. In fact, it’s one of the first things that home buyers notice when home shopping. As such, old appliances should be replaced (you do not have to buy top of the range) and this is especially true if you have mismatched appliances in your kitchen. If your budget allows, installing new countertops together with new appliances is ideal. If budget is an issues, just re-painting your cabinets and/or changing the hardware (i.e., the knobs, handles, or pulls), are cheap renovation ideas that can spruce up any kitchen.

  2. Replace your Flooring Prior to Selling Your Home: Improvements made to the flooring will have the most dramatic effect on your living space. If your property has old, discoloured carpets you may want to consider replacing, or even swapping out the carpet for something else. There are so many inexpensive flooring options available such as, hardwood, stone, and laminate, all of which are more durable, easier to clean and last longer than carpet. This may feel an expensive 'fix', but if a buyer feels they need to replace all the flooring they will drop the price offered over and above what a fresh carpet or laminate would cost you.

  3. Replace the Fixtures Prior to Selling Your Home: Upgrading and investing in quality fixtures throughout your property is an easy way to elevate and modernize your property without spending a lot of money. Upgrading small things such as light switch covers, door handles, installing new locks are all easy yet effective upgrades. You can also install new ceiling fans and light fixtures throughout the entire house, as another way to modernize the residence. Lighting does not have to be expensive. Ikea, Homebase and other box stores have some lovely and very reasonable priced ceiling light fixtures. Upgrading the faucets in the kitchen and the bathroom are easy yet important upgrades to make to your home, especially because these fixtures tend to wear easily. At the same time, caulking around the bath tub is a very easy fix - either a DIY job in the afternoon - or by a handyman. Bright, white caulking always shows well.

  4. Additional Pro tips for Selling Your Home: A new coat of paint to both the interior and the exterior, never hurts your home’s chances of selling faster. Use neutral colours to appeal to as many home buyers as possible. Additionally, landscaping has a considerable effect on the visual impact of a home. A professionally landscaped garden with flowers, adds a nice touch to your property’s exterior appearance. Storage is always a top priority and sellers should look for easy ways to provide it. from adding shelves to modern organizational units in the cupboards and wardrobes.




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