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A 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom flat in a popular London location. 

Mayfair & Mint had been asked to get the flat ready for sale, by the estate agent, before it went on the market. The home owner had been a bachelor when he purchased the flat. Now, he was joined by his wife and new baby, which was the reason for a move to a family sized home.

In order to get this flat ready for sale we brought in a declutterer, who worked with the homeowners in deciding what books, clothes and accessories could be given away, or kept in storage, until they could be used again in the new home. She also advised on how to store items that were essential for every day life with a baby, but needed to be 'hidden' effectively during buyer viewings.

Mayfair & Mint then rearranged the flat's furniture layout, particularly in bedroom 2/nursery and in the open plan living room, bought new linens and towels for the master bedroom and got the flat ready for the photoshoot. 

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