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Home Staging.

We understand there may be many reasons why you wish to sell, or rent out, your property: upsizing, downsizing, probate sale, needing to sell, or something entirely personal to you.

Whatever the reason, we know you are not just selling a property - you are selling your home - and we get it! And we want to help.

But, the moment you make that decision to sell - your home transforms into an asset - the greatest asset you may possess.  And as a company that LOVES property - Mayfair & Mint want to see you achieve the highest price in the shortest time.

We can advise you on how to deliver an amazing first impression, thereby increasing the chances of your home selling fast. Without the need to reduce the price.

What is Home Staging?

Preparing a residence for sale or rent. Maximizing a home's potential can increase your chances of:

  • a quick sale 

  • receiving your asking price or higher

  • asking a higher rent

  • renting to the perfect tenant

The Show Home Phenomenon.

There is a reason why show homes sell units. They are staged to entice the potential buyer into imagining themselves in a certain lifestyle. They are skillfully styled, to not look staged, like the models they are. It is the reason why a carelessly 'staged' home looks... well, staged. Setting a table for a dinner party, in the middle of the day, just doesn't feel right. You want to woo a buyer, not have them distracted by the staging. 

And good styling is important for another reason too. With more buyers looking on line, it makes sense for pictures to show stunning rooms - beautifully styled in high resolution - to stand out from the crowd.

According to RESA  (Real Estate Staging Association): homes that are staged sell 60%-70% faster than an un-styled home, and typically bring in 16%-17% more revenue on the final sale price.

But the styling is just the beginning of the journey - next comes fabulous photography, great marketing and working with your agent to make your property the best dressed nest out there.

If you were going to a high level meeting, attending an interview, meeting the future in-laws,  or just need to make a great impression... would you dress in your work clothes? We doubt it - we think you would dress to impress - and that is our mantra for your home. We want it to be dressed to impress, have that WOW! factor, leave a buyer feeling like they have left something important behind after they leave your home - their heart.

Staged to Rent.

More and more people are renting their homes. If you want to attract the best tenant and rent, it is imperative that you style your property for showing.


You have to treat your potential rental the same way a seller views their property for sale - the greatest asset you possess. The preparation work is the same, and great pics on line are a MUST. It's no longer appropriate to fill a rental with basic furniture and décor if you want to attract a long-term, responsible tenant who will love the place as their own, even if they don't own it.

And with sites such as VRBO and Airbnb, you may want to consider renting your property out as a lucrative vacation rental. According to a New York Times article, owners and investors across the US were eager to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, with a combination of décor, style and historical accuracy. International visitors are looking for the convenience of a home, with the touches of a top hotel - from 600 thread-count sheets and high end appliances, to beautiful towels and furniture. We can help you with the interior styling, furniture and accessories to attract the fussiest of clients, and receive those all-important great reviews.



Home staging is no longer optional in the real estate market, it's a must


It's far cheaper to stage a house than continually reduce its price


You never get a second chance to make a first impression


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