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It's A Bed Thing

Edyta & Co.

When it comes to getting your home ready for sale my advice is to depersonalize as much as possible. That doesn’t mean ripping the soul out of the home by banishing every last trace of the people who live there – just remove enough to make it neutral – so prospective buyers can imagine themselves there instead.

Master Bedrooms are one of the 'important' rooms in the house. Along with the kitchen, bathroom and living room, the master bedroom makes a huge impact on the first impressions of a potential buyer.

To make the room stand out from the ordinary, especially on the portals (photographs sell homes), how your bed looks could make the difference between a click on a website and a knock on the door. Think of a fabulous hotel room where a gorgeous bed takes centre-stage – made up with exquisite linens, pristine white sheets and pops of colour from layers of cushions.

Gran Hotel Miramar, Spain

The duvet, although extremely convenient, has in my humble opinion ruined bed-making. Throwing on a duvet, usually over two matching pillows does absolutely nothing to enhance a bed.

Which is why I love to make beds with a fitted bottom sheet, and a gorgeous flat sheet that goes between the mattress and the duvet. A minimum of 4 pillows should be used, 2 that are used at night, and 2 that are shams (not used) which sit behind the other two. To make the bed look super plush and sumptuous I recommend using a second (light weight) duvet, folded in three, at the foot of the bed.

A throw and decorative pillows finish off the bed nicely. In order to give the ‘hotel’ feel to a Master Bedroom bed, look for some gorgeous linens to buy. And don’t forget, that once you move home, you will be using these linens again in your new Master Bedroom. It makes no difference if plain or patterned linens are used. Personally, I like to use white as a base, whether textured or plain, and then layer on top with patterns. And when I say patterned linens, please don't use gimmicky or themed.

In addition, replace all the personal items that you have removed with a vase of fresh or good quality faux flowers, a couple of contemporary ornaments and maybe one photograph in an exquisite frame strategically placed on either a bedside table or the dresser.

Top Tips:

  • Paint walls and woodwork if needed

  • Clear surfaces of bedside tables and chests of drawers/dressers of unnecessary clutter

  • Ensure all mirrors and windows sparkle

  • Have carpet professionally cleaned or replaced if old and worn. Wooden floors should be in good condition and cleaned before viewings

  • Replace bedside lamps, if necessary

  • Buy fresh, new linens for bed

  • Bring in a faux flower arrangement and strategically place a few contemporary ornaments and one family photo in an exquisite frame

  • Potential buyers will look in closets – try to remove clothes that are not worn and put into storage



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